Cross Browser Compatibility

Cross-browser compatibility refers to the ability for a website to support all web browsers. The term cross-browser is often confused with multi-browser.

Multi-browser is a new paradigm in a web development that allows a website to provide more functionality over several web browsers, while ensuring that the website is accessible to the largest possible audience without any loss in performance.

Cross-browser is a support that allows a website or web application to properly rendered by all browsers. The term cross-browser has existed since the web development began.

Nowadays everyone’s using a different browser. Between popular options like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, which make up close to 98% of the internet market share of browsers, and the other little known browsers like Konqueror, there are a multitude of browsers being used to view your site.

It’s important that your website is usable across all major media, whether it be popular browsers, mobile devices, or tablets.

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